New funding competition will address challenge of generating revenue from digital content

13 Aug 2010

The Technology Strategy Board is to invest up to £5 million in collaborative research and development projects that will demonstrate how businesses may increase revenues from the metadata relating to their digital content.

While recognising that the internet has enabled digital content industries to gain greater access to the global market, it has made it more difficult to control, manage and monetise digital assets.  The ease with which content can be copied and distributed is threatening the economic viability of content-based businesses.  Better metadata systems - ways of storing information about individual items of content - offer a possible route to improving consumer access to content and to helping rights holders better manage and exploit their assets.

Through this competition, the Technology Strategy Board will invest in collaborative R&D projects that will develop prototypes, demonstrators, tools or solutions to address this challenge.  Such solutions may include, for example:

- commercially exploitable interoperability between different existing metadata systems such as databases, ontologies and schema;
- technologies to ensure the persistent association of content with its metadata;
- increased understanding, analysis and exploitation of patterns of content use in networks that could lead to new revenue opportunities for content owners;
-  increased accessibility of content through more effective navigation and discovery services at the consumer and business interface;
- novel approaches to visualisation of metadata;
- increased efficiencies in licensing, rights clearance and remuneration for the use of digital content;
- new services or business models that exploit the value of metadata as an asset in its own right.

The competition, which opens on 13 September 2010, will fund two types of projects.  Firstly, fast-track projects, which must be led by creative industry SMEs.  The total value of each project must be less than £100,000 and they should be completed within 12 months.  The Technology Strategy Board will invest up to £600,000 in such projects.  Secondly, mainstream projects of more than £100,000 total project value, which must be business-led.  The Technology Strategy Board will invest up to £4.4 million in these projects, which will typically last between 1 and 2 years.

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Companies and other organisations seeking information about the Technology Strategy Board's funding competitions should visit the Competitions page of the Technology Strategy Board website - email, or phone the Competitions Helpline at 0300 321 4357

Media contact: Nick Sheppard, Media Relations Consultant, Technology Strategy Board.  Tel: 07824 599644, Email:


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