AstraZeneca and the Global Corporate Challenge®

The Pharmaceutical Industry has a major part to play in improving health across the world. We all value our health but we know that a healthier world cannot come from medicines alone. AstraZeneca believes that a healthy workforce results in a productive, energised workplace that brings out the best in our employees. An important element of AstraZeneca’s health and wellbeing strategy is on‐going participation in the Global Corporate Challenge® (GCC).

AstraZeneca has taken part in the GCC for the past 5 years. Starting in May each year, the GCC takes participants on an incredibly entertaining 16 week virtual walking journey around the world. The GCC supports individuals to become more active by motivating them to take 10,000 steps a day – three times more than the average office-based worker walks. By encouraging employees to make simple, healthy and sustainable decisions during the 112 day challenge, the GCC encourages long-term positive behavioural change.

Employee Benefits
The web based nature of the GCC means that the programme is inclusive of many of AstraZeneca’s employees around the world regardless of their geographic location. In 2011, 88% of AstraZeneca participants reported an improvement in their health and 77% an increase in energy levels. Participants also reported an increase in their ability to handle stress and an improvement in their quality of sleep. Weight loss is a welcome side-effect of the GCC with an average 3.9kg loss reported.

Business Benefits
73% of AstraZeneca participants reported an increase in morale in the office, 54% reported a positive impact on team dynamics and 52% reported an increase in job satisfaction. 47% of AstraZeneca participants reported an increase their in engagement at work and the same figure also noticed an improvement in their productivity. 32% reported taking fewer sick days.

In Summary
Not only has AstraZeneca’s involvement in the GCC been able to impact the overall health of employees but it has had a much wider reaching effect, to the benefit of the business as well.

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