Space telecoms joins Technology Strategy Board portfolio

25 Mar 2009

The Technology Strategy Board is now the British National Space Centre partner responsible for promoting innovation in satellite telecommunications and navigation in the UK.

A recent survey by Oxford Economic Forum calculates that the UK space industry contributes some £7bn a year to the UK economy and that the satellite telecommunications and navigation sector represents around 80% of the UK space commercial activity. The UK's leading edge companies are already developing innovative telecommunications and navigation satellites, technology, equipments, applications and services. Companies such as EADS Astrium, developers of the world's most advanced satellite telecommunications digital processors, which form the heart of the Inmarsat 4 and Skynet 5 satellites; Inmarsat, which provides global mobile satellite telecommunication services and aviation and maritime safety of life services; Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), the world's leading manufacturer of small satellites; and Avanti, which is providing fixed satellite services capable of providing high speed broadband services to rural communities across the UK and Europe.

The UK provides its main support to the UK satellite telecommunications and navigation industry through participation in the European Space Agency (ESA) Advanced Research into Telecommunication Systems (ARTES) programme which aims to develop the next generation satcoms systems. The UK also supports the joint ESA and European Community (EC) Galileo programme which is developing Europe's answer to the American Global Positioning System (GPS).  These programmes are administered through ESA's Joint Communications Board (JCB) and Project Board - Navigation (PBNav) which Technology Strategy Board staff will now attend as the National (UK) Delegates.

The transfer of financial responsibility from BNSC to the Technology Strategy Board will take place on 1 April to coincide with the new financial year. A series of meetings have been taking place with leading UK space companies, BNSC partners and ESA officials to establish how the Technology Strategy Board can add value and link space activity to exist work in our Innovation Platforms and key technology areas.

For further information please contact:

Michael Lawrence, Head of Special Projects or
Andrew Fry, Lead Technologist - Satellite Telecommunications and Navigation


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