Press Release - New Methods of Ensuring Personal Digital Security to be Developed

25 Jun 2009

The Technology Strategy Board welcomed the launch today of the UK's first National Cyber Security Strategy and announced that it will look to develop new ways to ensure people's digital security.

As part of its contribution to the Strategy, the Technology Strategy Board, through its Network Security Innovation Platform (NSIP), will work with the newly announced Office of Cyber Security to create a ‘test-bed' to develop new methods of ensuring personal digital security. The NSIP, in conjunction with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), will also commission a Secure Software Development Partnership which will look to develop a coherent national policy in this area, and will produce an ‘Information Risk Roadmap' to support implementation of the National Cyber Security Strategy.

Commenting on today's launch of the National Cyber Security Strategy, Andrew Tyrer, who leads the Technology Strategy Board's work on network security, said:

"This is the first time that the UK has had a cross-government initiative that brings key people and organisations together to address the issue of network security. The Technology Strategy Board's Network Security Innovation Platform will be working closely with its partners to implement the strategy."

"With our ability to bring together government, business, researchers and academia, and with a remit to push forward the boundaries of technological innovation, we are ideally placed to take this vital work forward.

"Our society is subject to a diverse range of threats to the security of electronic information, not just compromise from disclosure through theft or human failure but also problems caused by unreliability and poor availability. Each challenge or threat is unique and innovative thinking will be vital if these challenges to cyber security are to be met", he added.

The Technology Strategy Board's Interim Strategic Assessment on UK's cyber security, also published today, stresses that the UK's interests are critically dependent on its information infrastructure and that both government services and business would suffer if this infrastructure were to be disrupted. The assessment also emphasises that almost all of the nation's information infrastructure is owned and managed by the private sector so a partnership between the private sector and government, with the inclusion of end-users, is essential to address the challenges ahead. Ends

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