13 Oct 2009


The Technology Strategy Board is offering investment of up to £10 million to support research and development leading to the introduction of innovative systems and services to help goods move around the country more effectively. This will help enable the UK to support more freight traffic as the economy grows, whilst decreasing the associated road congestion.

The ‘Informed Logistics' research and development funding competition is co-funded by the Department for Transport, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Highways Agency. 

The Technology Strategy Board, the government's innovation agency, is asking business-led project consortia to come forward with proposals to develop innovative systems and services able to affect the entire supply chain, across the whole transport network.  The aim is to encourage innovation across the whole spectrum of goods distribution, including rural, local, regional, national and international distribution.

The Technology Strategy Board will fund projects that help cut the environmental impact of road congestion by influencing customer choices towards more sustainable goods movement, or maximising intermodal freight solutions; or which demonstrate an integrated system approach to the movement of goods.

Explaining the background to the Technology Strategy Board's decision to invest in this area, Richard Kemp-Harper, the Board's programme manager for Intelligent Transport Systems and Services, said: "Road transport is predicted to grow by 25% by 2015 and we need to support the UK logistics industry, given its importance to the UK economy as a whole, as well as address congestion and environmental issues."

"We would like to encourage a wide range of market-led initiatives that address issues of customer choice and their impact on the transport network, while facilitating the effective use of the network - including road, rail, air and marine," he added.  "We are seeking to accelerate developments in this area through real life demonstrations that act as a catalyst for marketable solutions.  The competition seeks to promote industry collaboration and the use of systems engineering and integration to increase efficiencies in the whole logistics network."

The funding competition opens on 2 November 2009 and expressions of interest must be submitted by 10 December 2009.  The deadline for the receipt of full applications is 4 March 2010 and the results will be announced by the middle of April 2010.  For further information please visit the competitions page of the Technology Strategy Board website, at:

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