New UK strategy group set up to help steer the future of the internet

A new business and academic group  has been established to help the UK play its part in shaping the internet of the future - giving the UK a common voice on the development of the internet, highlighting R&D priorities, advising government and contributing to EC initiatives.

The UK Future Internet Strategy Group (UK FISG) has been established by the Technology Strategy Board and its Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network, with endorsement from the Department of Business Innovation and Skills and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

The Group will look  from a UK perspective at every aspect, from underlying technologies to high-level applications, which will contribute to the development of a future internet - where more users will be attracted to new services requiring greater speed, mobility and interactivity.

The new group has been set up in the context of global recognition of the importance of continued investment in internet technologies. For example the European Commission has made the Future Internet a priority for research investment, including a proposed €300m public private partnership initiative due to start in 2010.

Members of the UK FISG include leading figures from UK-based business and academic organisations involved in activities related to future internet development, with observers from the public sector.  The Group is currently chaired by Nick Wainwright, Director of Open Innovation at Hewlett Packard Laboratories Europe.

Commenting on the role of the new group, Mr Wainwright said "The internet already plays a major part in our lives today and will do so even more in the future. We are bringing together world class UK expertise to ensure that UK business benefits by developing and applying the next generation of internet technologies, applications and services."

Dr Maurizio Pilu at the Technology Strategy Board, which was instrumental in establishing the new group, commented: "The UK is extremely well placed to be a leading player in the future of the internet, provided we work together. The new strategy group will have an important role to play in this co-ordination."

The UK Future Internet Strategy Group met for the first time in December and is starting work on identifying initial priorities and recommendations. The Group  is planning to hold a launch event on February 26th The aims of the Future Internet Strategy Group:

To give a voice to actors in the UK future internet sector

  • a forum to express views
  • a means to encourage consensus
  • a meeting point for collaboration

To offer advice to the UK government on future internet policy

  • while respecting the positions of individual members

To contribute to EC initiatives on the future of the internet

  • influencing and shaping policy
  • encouraging UK participation

For further information on the Future Internet Strategy Group please contact the Chair  Nick Wainwright ( or the Secretary, Andrew Oliphant (




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