Zero carbon buildings to receive £4 million boost

15 May 2008

The Technology Strategy Board is to invest £4 million in highly innovative collaborative research projects leading to the development of new components and materials for low impact buildings.       

The Components and Materials for Low Impact Buildings competition will help to stimulate the development and integration of materials and components into building systems to achieve the government's targets for zero carbon and low water usage for new build housing by 2016, and for new build non-domestic buildings by 2019.

This funding competition is the first activity of the new Low Impact Building Innovation Platform, which was launched by the Technology Strategy Board on 8 May.  The Platform aims to enhance the construction industry's response to regulatory and procurement driven markets for lower environmental impact of buildings.

The Technology Strategy Board's investment will provide partial funding for winning projects, which must involve businesses working collaboratively with other businesses and/or with research organisations and academic institutions.  The organisation will welcome applications for support that involve;

  • The development of components and materials for low impact buildings (reduced energy and water usage, and reduced waste production) that meet consumer needs.
  • Overcoming the technical barriers and developing new processes for incorporating components and materials into buildings.
  • Adapting components to improve their buildability, making them compatible with the way buildings are constructed.
  • Conversion of products already existing in different sectors to address the challenge of lowering the impact of buildings.

Explaining the background to the competition, the Technology Strategy Board's Chief Executive, Iain Gray, said: "The Government has set clear targets to reduce net carbon emissions to zero for new houses from 2016, and for new non-domestic buildings by 2019.  UK businesses that meet these exacting standards will be well placed to take advantage of the growing domestic and global demand for environmentally friendly buildings.  This competition - which is just the first activity of the new Low Impact Buildings Innovation Platform - focuses on the key area of components and materials "

Richard Miller, the leader of the Low Impact Buildings Innovation Platform, added "Many components have already been developed to reduce energy use, water use and waste production.  But we still need highly innovative new solutions to the challenge of reducing the impact of buildings.  There is also a pressing need for further research and development to create components that can be integrated into modern designs at high volumes and at an affordable cost.

Further information about the competition, including the dates of briefing events and application deadline, is available at

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