New ARTEMIS projects funded

06 Feb 2009

The Technology Strategy Board, as a partner in the European ARTEMIS Joint Technology Initiative, has allocated grants totalling 3.6M Euros to five projects aimed at innovation in electronics systems. The projects, in collaboration with European partners, will generate 10M Euros of electronics and software design activity in the UK.

The new projects will work on ‘embedded systems,' the electronics that are hidden throughout modern life, whether in cars, buildings or medical devices. ARTEMIS aims to maintain Europe's lead in this technology by addressing cross-disciplinary and cross-sector issues such as basic design and software platforms. The UK, hosting almost a third of Europe's silicon design houses, is very well placed to benefit from this effort.

 A further ARTEMIS programme next year will have a UK budget of 4M Euros. In addition the Technology Strategy Board will participate in ARTEMIS's sister programme ENIAC, which seeks to progress the development of silicon design and manufacturing technology. ENIAC will have a 1.5M Euro UK budget.

 From next year, UK involvement in both ENIAC and ARTEMIS  programmes will be co-funded by the Technology Strategy Board and the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council).

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