Adapting buildings to meet the challenges of climate change

22 Jun 2010

We don't need a crystal ball to tell us what the major challenges are for the future built environment - the need to radically reduce our CO2 emissions and adapt to climate change will be crucial.

But how do we adapt buildings and what do we need to know?

What should we be looking at now to make us ready for tomorrow?

We need to know now to take advantage of the commercial opportunities these challenges present.

Design for Future Climate: opportunities for adaptation in the built environment is an independent report we commissioned from architect Bill Gething. In the report Bill presents the design challenges for adapting to the future climate and guidance on interpreting the scientific climate data for building design projects.

The report highlights design changes needed to make buildings resilient and resistant to the future climate and also identifies some design rules of thumb that will no longer hold. It is intended to stimulate discussion on building adaptation among architects and design teams, and accompanies the 'Design for future climate' competition for funding.

Download the report.

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