Technology Strategy Board: Highlights of 2009-10

Technology Strategy Board: Highlights of 2009-10

22 Oct 2010

Explore the animated highlights in our interactive website to find out how we helped businesses innovate in 2009-10. The site is packed with case studies, video, and information on how we help businesses develop new products and services while tackling some of the major challenges that are facing society in the 21st century.

Our seven highlights of the year provide a snapshot of our priorities and programmes:

  • the influential low carbon vehicles programme
  • the popular SBRI Retrofit for the future initiative
  • our digital programme
  • the new _connect platform to help businesses find partners
  • healthcare and medicine
  • the Clean & cool mission
  • the wide-ranging energy programme

Explore the site

The microsite was produced in collaboration with three Bristol-based SMEs: Pixillion, Sun and Moon, and the Full English. 

The fully comprehensive Annual Report and Accounts document will be published later this year.

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