18 of the UKs most exciting Web Technology companies return from WebMission 2011

18 of the UKs most exciting Web Technology companies return from WebMission 2011

15 Mar 2011

Some of the UK’s top web technology businesses have returned from San Francisco after taking part in WebMission 2011, a trade mission designed to help 18 innovative and growing businesses move into the US and Global markets.

The companies on WebMission 2011 represent the very best of the UK’s internet economy, from Crisp Thinking, which uses behavioural analysis to stop cyber bullying, to BraveNewTalent, the next generation of online recruiting that harnesses the power of social media to build communities of potential employees and employers.

Others include: ParcelGenie.com, a service that allows users to send real gifts to friends via their mobile phones without needing to know the postal address and BookingBug’s online system that allows users to book services for everything from a yoga class while on holiday to a neighbourhood restaurant at home.

One of the businesses Brainient,helps advertisers increase ROI for their video advertising campaigns by creating interactive video adverts.Founder, Emi Gal was asked what he thought of the mission during the week. He said:

“I’m loving it, it’s very fun, there’s a lot going on; a lot of meetings, a lot of events, a lot of new people and I’m really enjoying spending time with the other companies and the entrepreneurs.

“I think that most of them are onto something big and besides the work part, I enjoy the fun part.”

During the week in San Francisco, the businesses had a chance to take part in a session where they pitched to a number of venture capitalists. Gary Little from Morgenthaler Ventures, a 42-year-old venture capital fund said:

“I thought it was just terrific. It was an excellent group of companies. I thought all of them were interesting and worth following up with. I see partner opportunities for my investments here, as well in the United States and it made me think just how innovative the British entrepreneurs are.”

This positive impression was echoed by many of the other potential investors including Randy Haykin from Haykin Capital, who has been in Silicon Valley for the last 30 years. He said:

“I just loved the companies that presented..... I complimented a number of the speakers on the innovativeness of the business models…..I found that quite a few of the presenters were projecting some interesting new models that I think could work in the market place and I think that it’s fantastic that they could come out here to Silicon Valley and present for some of us investor types to take a look.”

The mission is made possible by a range of public sector and private sponsors including the Technology Strategy Board, a government agency that promotes and supports research into technology with the belief that innovation gives companies a competitive edge and a springboard into the global marketplace.

Additional sponsors include UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), which aims to add value to the UK economy by helping business succeed internationally, and Orrick’s Emerging Companies Group. The mission is also supported and delivered by partners Polecat, the Co-Sponsorship Agency, and The Long Run Venture.

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