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Nestlé UK help employees make healthier choices

Service Level Agreements including Minimum Nutrition Standards have been agreed by site caterers. These standards underpin the daily menus provided and stipulate cooking methods, ingredient standards, menu planning and daily provision of healthier choices. They are actively working with their … Read more → – Nestlé UK help employees make healthier choices

Morrisons Healthier Staff Canteens

Morrisons commitment to offering healthier choices covers both our customers and our 131,000 colleagues. In collaboration with Unilever Food Solutions we have developed a new menu for our staff canteens across the country. This expands the healthy choices on offer … Read more → – Morrisons Healthier Staff Canteens

Morrisons launches healthy range

Launching nationwide in summer 2012, NuMe offers a wide range of healthier products across all meal and snacking occasions. It supports the calorie reduction pledge and has been developed in response to our customers, who told us they wanted healthier … Read more → – Morrisons launches healthy range

H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

“We will implement some basic measures for encouraging healthier staff restaurants/ vending outlets/buffets for staff, including: Ensuring the availability of healthier foods and beverages in all available channels to employees Working with caterers to reformulate recipes to provide meals which are … Read more → – H4. Healthier Staff Restaurants

F3. Artificial Trans Fats Removal

“(a). We do not use ingredients that contain artificial trans fats.” “(b). We are working to remove artificial trans fats from our products within the next 12 months.” The following provides background and supporting information to help organisations understand what … Read more → – F3. Artificial Trans Fats Removal

F2. Salt Reduction

“We commit to the salt targets for the end of 2012 agreed by the Responsibility Deal, which collectively will deliver a further 15 per cent reduction on 2010 targets. For some products this will require acceptable technical solutions which we … Read more → – F2. Salt Reduction

F1. Out of Home Calorie Labelling

“We will provide calorie information for food and non alcoholic drink for our customers in out of home settings from 1 September 2011 in accordance with the principles for calorie labelling agreed by the Responsibility Deal.” The following provides background … Read more → – F1. Out of Home Calorie Labelling