The main body of this report has been written and edited by the Charting Progress 2 Editorial team, based on the evidence presented within the four Feeder Reports. The Editorial team (in alphabetical order) was:

Paul Buckley (Cefas), David Connor (JNCC), David Cook (Defra), Martyn Cox (Scottish Government), Tabitha Dale (Defra), Stephen Dye (MCCIP), Matt Frost (MBA), Jane Hawkridge (JNCC), John Huthnance (NOC, Liverpool), Silke Kroeger (Cefas), Robin Law (Cefas), Jim McKie (Marine Scotland), Thomas Maes (Cefas), Stephen Malcolm (Cefas), Colin Moffat (Marine Scotland Science), Richard Moxon (Defra), Katherine Raymond (Welsh Assembly Government), Justine Saunders (ABPmer), Claire Vincent (Department for Environment Northern Ireland), Gabrielle Walker (Independent science writer), Mike Waldock (Cefas), Phil Williamson (Natural Environment Research Council).

Copy editing: Carolyn Symon, Environmental Editing Ltd.

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CP2 Webpages: Blue Lobster Design Limited.

The evidence used to compile the four Feeder Reports has been gathered by scientists from marine agencies, research institutes, universities, environmental organisations and industries across the UK. The Editorial team is grateful for all contributions of data, text, figures, photographs and expertise provided from within the UKMMAS community, and other individuals elsewhere. Individual authors of the Feeder Reports are credited within each report.