Amendments to the annual updates for food pledges

The existing questions on out of home calorie labelling (F1) have been slightly reworded so that is clearer to partners what information is requested.

The following question on salt reduction (F2)

  • For those categories where you are not currently meeting the target please provide an indication of the number and / or proportion of categories where you are on track to achieve the target by the end of 2012has been replaced with
  • Please provide details of the categories where you are not currently meeting the 2012 targets, the reasons for this and details of when you expect to achieve them.

As the current salt targets run to the end of 2012, we have not made any further amendments to this report.  We will consider revisions to this as part of agreeing the next steps on salt reduction.

The artificial trans fats removal (F3) pledge has been reworded and divided into two parts.

Part (a) - We do not use ingredients that contain artificial trans fats – will cover partners who have already removed them from or never used artificial trans fats in their products.  These partners will just provide a delivery plan in which they confirm when they met this pledge.  They will not be asked to provide annual updates.

Part (b) – We are working to remove artificial trans fats from our products within the next 12 months - will cover partner who are still working to remove artificial trans fats from their products.  As well as providing delivery plans (on sign up), these partners will provide annual updates until they have completed this work and can transfer to part (a).

A new question has been added to the report for part (b)

  • When will this reformulation be completed?

And the following question has been removed

  • If you have answered no, to either of the above questions, please provide an estimate of the actual number of products/menu items/SKUs still to be reformulated?

The calorie reduction (F4) report has not been amended.

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