Revised reporting arrangements

The review of the Responsibility Deal’s reporting arrangements has been completed.  We are very grateful for the feedback we have received from partners which informed the review.

The review sought to identify how the previous arrangements might be simplified while maintaining an appropriate balance between transparency and the burden on partners.  Narrative updates have replaced many of the quantitative questions in the annual updates.  Further details on the changes to the alcohol, food, health at work and physical activity annual updates are available.

The deadline for submitting annual updates will continue to be the end of April each year.  From 2013, partners signed up for more than 12 months will be asked to report on their activity for the previous year ending in March.  By setting the reporting period for all partners as the year from April to March, interested stakeholders will be better able to aggregate information provided by partners.

New partners, who sign up between April and the end of September, will report on their activity from the date they sign up to the end of March.  New partners, who sign up from the beginning of October, have the option of reporting on their activity that year.

From 2013, partners will be able to submit their annual updates online.  Watch out for further information on the new online system coming soon.

We believe that the revised reporting arrangements we are publishing today strike a balance between transparency and the burden on partners.  Importantly, the new reporting arrangements will enable us to demonstrate collectively that progress is being made on delivering the Responsibility Deal’s pledges.

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