SBRI - Government challenges. Ideas from business. Innovative solutions.


The SBRI programme uses the power of government procurement to drive innovation. It provides opportunities for innovative companies to engage with the public sector to solve specific problems.

Competitions for new technologies and ideas are runĀ on specific topicsĀ and aim to engage a broad range of organisations.

SBRI enables the public sector to engage with industry during the early stages of development, supporting projects through the stages of feasibility and prototyping.

Find out more about the SBRI programme, and explore current funding opportunities by clicking on the links below.

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  • Overview of SBRI

    SBRI delivers innovative solutions to specific public sector needs, by engaging a broad range of companies in competitions for ideas that result in government development contracts.

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  • Benefits of SBRI

    The SBRI process benefits both the public sector body that is running the competition and the businesses that obtain a development contract.

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  • SBRI competitions

    Competitions are run by a number of departments on a range of different challenge areas. See the competitions listings for further details.

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  • SBRI case studies

    Browse SBRI case studies for specific examples of how innovative approaches have helped shape and transform government requirements.

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