About the Public Health Responsibility Deal

Public health is everyone’s responsibility and there is a role for all of us, working in partnership, to tackle these challenges.

Too many of us are eating too much, drinking too much and not doing enough physical activity. Creating the right environment can empower and support people to make informed, balanced choices that will help them lead healthier lives.

The Public Health Responsibility Deal aims to tap into the potential for businesses and other influential organisations to make a significant contribution to improving public health by helping us to create this environment.

The Responsibility Deal embodies the Government’s ambition for a more collaborative approach to tackling the challenges caused by our lifestyle choices. The Responsibility Deal was recently awarded a prestigious Civil Service Award for its innovative collaborative work.

Organisations signing up to the Responsibility Deal commit to taking action voluntarily to improve public health through their responsibilities as employers, as well as through their commercial actions and their community activities.

The principles and ambitions of the Responsibility Deal are set out in its core commitments and supporting pledges.

Collective pledges

Collective pledges covering alcohol, food, health at work and physical activity set out the specific actions that partners agree to take to support the Responsibility Deal.

The alcohol and food pledges have a strong focus on actions that manufacturers, retailers, the out of home dining/catering sector and bars and pubs can deliver. The health at work and physical activity pledges are not sector specific and any organisation can sign up to these.

How to become a partner

To become a Responsibility Deal partner, an organisation must sign up to all of the core commitments and supporting pledges, at least one collective pledge and register with the Department of Health.

Partners will provide annual updates showing their progress in delivering their pledges.

Further information on how to become a partner and how progress will be reported.

Working together

A plenary group of senior representatives from the business community, NGOs, public health organisations and local government oversee the Responsibility Deal.

The alcohol, food, physical activity and health at work networks are responsible for the Deal’s work programmes in each of these areas.  The behaviour change network provides expert advice across the Deal as a whole.

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