The NHS Constitution establishes the principles and values of the NHS in England. It sets out in one place what staff, patients and the public can expect from the NHS. It lays out:

• patient and staff rights
• the pledges the NHS is committed to achieve, and
• the responsibilities which patients, staff and the public owe to one another and to the health service.

The Constitution protects the NHS and helps ensure we receive high-quality healthcare based on clinical need, not ability to pay.

The Government wants to strengthen the NHS Constitution and the NHS Future Forum is advising the Health Secretary on this. Its advice will be published in the autumn. Later in the year, and drawing on the Forum’s advice, the Government will hold a public consultation on its proposals for strengthening the Constitution. This will give you the chance to submit your views formally. We will keep you informed about how to do this.

On this blog, members of the NHS Future Forum explain what the NHS Constitution means to them. And they ask questions to get an online conversation started.

Professor Steve Field chairs the Future Forum. He’ll be blogging here and you can follow his Twitter feed to the right of the page.

It’s our NHS Constitution. Do join in.

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