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Welcome toThe Social Work Reform Board

Building a safe and confident future

The Social Work Reform Board is implementing the recommendations made by the Social Work Task Force to improve the quality of social work.

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Building a Safe and Confident Future: One Year On

Dame Moira Gibb, Chair of the Social Work Reform Board
Dame Moira Gibb, Chair of the Social Work Reform Board

The Social Work Task Force made 15 recommendations for a comprehensive reform programme, and the Social Work Reform Board was set up to drive the reforms. In January 2010 representatives of social workers, service users and carers, employers and educators embarked on a joint endeavour to bring about sustained and lasting improvements to social work. Supported by Government and united by a common aim, the Social Work Reform Board has produced wide ranging tools for change.

Prescription from the centre is unlikely to work. The Board has worked with its partners in the sector, drawing on feedback on draft proposals, evidence from test sites and the recommendations of the Munro Review of Child Protection, to develop tools that will be of practical help on the ground, and together bring about improvements to the whole system.