School-to-school support

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School-to-school support is about recognising the importance of connections between different issues, individuals and institutions, encouraging collaboration rather than competition. Collaboration between schools and other agencies is now essential, with the best schools and leaders supporting those that are more challenged.

The College has commissioned a number of projects that look at different aspects of school-to-school support, including the challenges and opportunities it can bring and how leaders are taking on broader leadership roles across the system.

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Leading and creating a self-improving school system

David H Hargreaves has written three thinkpieces about what a future self-improving school system might look like and explores the conditions necessary to sustain such a system.

Insights into system leadership

A series of videos introduces the concept of schools collaborating together. They feature John West-Burnham and senior school and academy leaders from the Yorkshire and Humber area who took part in the investigation.

The growth of academy chains: implications for leaders and leadership

A report on the growth of academy chains to identify and understand the implications and challenges for school leaders posed by the rapid development of both sponsored and converter academy chains.

Mission: possible

Teaching schools officially started work at the beginning of September. ldr spoke to two teaching school pioneers and finds that while the stakes are high, ambitions are even higher.