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Community Council contacts

Last updated | 20/12/2012

To find out which is your nearest Community Council, view the overall Perth and Kinross area map [PDF: 6Mb] or Perth City map [PDF: 5Mb]. 

A list of Community Council Office Bearers and their contact details are below.

1 Central 19 Alyth 37 Burrelton and District
2 Tulloch 20 Meigle and Ardler 38 Stanley
3 City South 21 Coupar Angus and Bendochy 39 Scone and District
4 North Inch and Muirton 22 Kettins 40 Abernethy and District
5 Bridgend, Gannochy and Kinnoull 23 Crieff 41 Glenfarg
6 Now part of Area 3 - City South 24 East Strathearn 42 Earn
7 Letham 25    Comrie and District 43 Errol
8 North Muirton 26 St Fillans 44 West Carse
9 Killiecrankie and Fincastle 27 Auchterarder and District 45 Inchture
10 Blair Atholl and Struan 28     Dunning 46 Kinross
11 Rannoch and Tummel 29 Blackford 47 Portmoak
12 Aberfeldy 30 Muthill and Tullibardine 48 Cleish and Blairadam
13 Dull and Weem 31 Braco and Gleenloaning 49 Milnathort
14 Glenlyon and Loch Tay 32 Dunkeld and Birnam 50 Fossoway
15 Kenmore and District 33 Spittalfield and District 51 Pitlochry and Moulin
16 Mid Atholl, Strathtay and Grandtully 34 Methven 52 Invergowrie and Kingoodie
17 Blairgowrie and Rattray 35 Auchtergaven 53 Longforgan
18 Mount Blair 36 Luncarty, Redgorton and Moneydie

Area 1 - Central

Not established

Contact:  CommunityCouncils@pkc.gov.uk 

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Area 2 - Tulloch

Not established

Contact:  CommunityCouncils@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 3 - City South (incorporates Friarton/Craigie & Viewlands)

Not established

Contact: CommunityCouncils@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 4 - North Inch and Muirton

Areas covered - Perth (partial)

Chair Mr Louis Flood 
Vice-Chair Mr Ian Thomson
Secretary  Ms Yvonne McKenzie
Treasurer  Mr Geoff Bush

Contact: NorthInchCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 5 - Bridgend, Gannochy and Kinnoull

Areas covered - Perth (partial)

Chair Mr Graham Fleming       
Vice-Chair Mr David Beattie        
Secretary  Mrs Deirdre Beaton  
Treasurer  Mr Colin Styles

Contact: BridgendCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

Website: www.bgk.org.uk

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Area 7 - Letham

Not established

Contact: CommunityCouncils@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 8 - North Muirton

Areas covered - Perth (partial)

Chair Mr Chris Ahern      
Vice-Chair Mrs Willie Dick
Secretary  Mrs Karyn McLeod
Treasurer  Ms Jenny Meehan

Contact: NorthMuirtonCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 9 - Killiecrankie and Fincastle

Areas covered - Fincastle, Killiecrankie, Strathtummel, Queens View

Chair Mrs Dorothy Bancroft
Vice-Chair Vacant
Secretary  Ms Ann Phillips
Treasurer  Mrs Sandra Parkins

Contact: KilliecrankieCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 10 - Blair Atholl and Struan

Areas covered - Blair Atholl, Calvine, Struan

Chair Mr Donald Isles
Vice-Chair Vacant
Secretary  Ms Rosalind Gray
Treasurer  Mr Alan Sheriffs

Contact: BlairAthollCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 11 - Rannoch and Tummel

Areas covered - Kinloch Rannoch, Rannoch West, Strathtummel

Chair Mr Alex Grosset    
Vice-Chair Vacant
Secretary Mr George MacDonald
Treasurer Mr Adrian Trickey

Contact: RannochCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 12 - Aberfeldy

Areas covered - Aberfeldy, Weem

Chair Mr Richard Langrish    
Vice-Chair Vacant  
Secretary  Mr Victor Clements    
Treasurer  Mrs Jean Duff

Contact: AberfeldyCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 13 - Dull and Weem

Areas covered - Aberfeldy, Camserney, Keltneyburn, Weem, Dull

Chair Mrs Marjorie Keddie
Vice-Chair Vacant
Secretary  Mr Thomas Pringle
Treasurer  Mr Ted Piner

Contact:  DullCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 14 - Glenlyon and Loch Tay

Areas covered - Fearnan, Fortingall, Glenlyon, Lawers

Chair Ms Susan Gardener
Vice-Chair Mrs Kath Douthwaite    
Secretary  Mrs Stella Dorey
Treasurer  Mrs June Riddell

Contact: GlenlyonCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 15 - Kenmore and District

Areas covered - Acharn, Amulree, Ardtalnaig, Kenmore

Chair Mr David Fox-Pitt
Vice-Chair Ms Wilma Carlin
Secretary  Mr Peter Ely
Treasurer  Ms Joan Bower

Contact: KenmoreCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 16 - Mid Atholl, Strathtay and Grandtully

Areas covered - Ballinluig, Coshieville, Grandtully, Logierait, Tulliemet

Chair Mr Stuart Smith
Vice-Chair Mr John Grant
Secretary  Mr Stan Bruce
Treasurer  Mr Graham Huggins

Contact: MidAthollCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 17 - Blairgowrie and Rattray

Areas covered - Blairgowrie, Kinloch, Rattray, Rosemount, Woodside

Chair Mr Jim Bradley
Vice-Chair Mr Richard Robertson
Secretary  Vacant    
Treasurer  Ms Margaret Wotherspoon

Contact: BlairgowrieCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 18 - Mount Blair

Areas covered - Ballintuim, Blacklunans, Blair Atholl (partial), Bridge of Cally, Glenshee, Kirkmichael, Pitlochry (partial), Rattray (partial), Straloch

Chair Mr Andrew Duncan (Acting)
Vice-Chair Mr Andrew Duncan
Secretary  Mr Bernard Noonan
Treasurer  Mr Anthony Thompson

Contact:  MountBlairCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 19 - Alyth

Areas covered - Alyth

Chair Mr Sanjay Samani
Vice-Chair Mrs Barbara Prettyman    
Secretary  Ms Clare Cooper
Treasurer  Mrs Edith Payne

Contact: AlythCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

Website:  http://alythcc.ning.com

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Area 20 - Meigle and Ardler

Not established

Contact:  CommunityCouncils@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 21 - Coupar Angus and Bendochy

Areas covered - Coupar Angus and Bendochy

Chair Mr Duncan Kettles
Vice-Chair Mrs Jo Kettles
Secretary  Mr Bob Curran
Treasurer  Mr Steve Cumming

Contact: CouparAngusCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 22 - Kettins

Areas covered - Kettins

Chair Mr Russell Miller  
Vice-Chair Mr David Cox
Secretary  Mrs Isobel Hynd
Treasurer  Mr Graham Bell

Contact: KettinsCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 23 - Crieff

Areas covered - Crieff

Chair Mr Stephen Leckie    
Vice-Chair Mr Angus MacDonald       
Secretary  Mrs Elizabeth Basford
Treasurer  Vacant

Contact: CrieffCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

Website:  www.crieffonline.co.uk

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Area 24 - East Strathearn

Areas covered - Buchanty, Crieff Landward, Fowlis Wester, Gilmerton, Madderty

Chair Mrs Maureen Beaumont
Vice-Chair Mr Adrian Wake
Secretary  Mrs Maureen Beaumont
Treasurer  Mr Charles Comrie

Contact: EastStrathearnCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 25 - Comrie and District

Areas covered - Comrie, Monzievaird

Chair Mr Andrew Finlayson
Vice-Chair Mr David Robertson
Secretary  Mrs Sandra McRitchie
Treasurer  Mr David Adams

Contact: ComrieCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 26 - St Fillans

Areas covered - Lochearnhead, St Fillans

Chair Dr Steve Howell
Vice-Chair Dr Donald Forrester
Secretary  Mrs Trish Forrester
Treasurer  Mrs Isobel Howell

Contact: StFillansCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 27 - Auchterarder and District

Areas covered - Aberuthven, Auchterarder, Findo Gask, Gleneagles, Glendevon

Chair Mr Ewan Mackintosh   
Vice-Chair Mr Kenneth Spittal
Secretary  Mr Ewan Mackintosh
Treasurer  Ms Martha Marnoch

Contact: AuchterarderCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 28 - Dunning

Areas covered - Dunning

Chair Ms Frances Philip    
Vice-Chair Mr Jim Perrett
Secretary  Mr Peter Lodge
Treasurer  Mrs Ann Myles

Contact: DunningCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 29 - Blackford

Areas covered - Blackford

Chair Mr Neil Gaunt
Vice-Chair Mrs Katharine Huggett 
Secretary  Mr Neil Gaunt
Treasurer  Mrs Irene McLaughlin

Contact: BlackfordCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 30 - Muthill and Tullibardine

Areas covered - Muthill, Tullibardine

Chair Mr Donald Hood
Vice-Chair Mr Ed Driver
Secretary  Mr Cameron MacKenzie    
Treasurer  Mr T Mills

Contact: MuthillCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 31 - Braco and Greenloaning

Areas covered - Braco, Greenloaning

Chair Mr Adrian Pryor
Vice-Chair Mr D Lindsay
Secretary  Mr Mike Boxer
Treasurer  Mr Bill Thomson

Contact: BracoCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 32 - Dunkeld and Birnam

Areas covered - Birnam, Butterstone, Dalguise, Dunkeld, Kindallachan, Loch Ordie, Strathbraan

Chair Mrs Nan Johnston
Vice-Chair Mrs Janet Blakeley
Secretary  Mrs Margaret Anderson
Treasurer  Mr David Levy

Contact: DunkeldCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 33 - Spittalfield and District

Areas covered - Caputh, Clunie, Meikleour, Murthly, Spittalfield

Chair Mr Roderick McInnes
Vice-Chair Mr Graham Juggins
Secretary  Mr Anton Edwards
Treasurer  Mr James McIntosh

Contact: SpittalfieldCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 34 - Methven

Areas covered -  Almondbank, Harrietfield, Huntingtower, Logiealmond, Methven, Tibbermore, Trinity Gask

Chair Mr P Pearson
Vice-Chair Vacant
Secretary  Mrs May Smith
Treasurer  Mr Kenneth Simpson

Contact: MethvenCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 35 - Auchtergaven

Areas covered - Bankfoot

Chair Mr Simon Yearsley
Vice-Chair Vacant
Secretary  Mr Sandy Love
Treasurer  Mrs Dawn Fergusson

Contact: AuchtergavenCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 36 - Luncarty, Redgorton and Moneydie

Areas covered - Luncarty, Redgorton and Moneydie

Chair Mr Alex Cook
Vice-Chair Mr John Andrews
Secretary    Miss Elizabeth Comrie
Treasurer Ms Moira Hutchison

Contact: LuncartyCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 37 - Burrelton and District

Areas covered - Balbeggie, Burrelton, Collace, Guildtown, Kinrossie,  Wolfhill

Chair Mr George Gordon
Vice-Chair Mr Robert Proctor
Secretary  Mr Martin Payne
Treasurer  Dr Frank Moisey

Contact: BurreltonCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 38 - Stanley

Areas covered - Kinclaven, Stanley

Chair Mr W Lindsay    
Vice-Chair Mr Arnot Mcwhinnie
Secretary  Mrs Norma Lothian
Treasurer  Mrs Norma Lothian

Contact: StanleyCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 39 - Scone and District

Areas covered - Kinnoull (partial), Scone, Stormontfield

Chair Mr Clive Price
Vice-Chair Mr John Ridley
Secretary  Mr Peter Olsen
Treasurer  Mr David Dykes

Contact: SconeCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 40 - Abernethy and District

Areas covered - Aberargie, Abernethy

Chair Mr Alistair Robinson
Vice-Chair Mr Simon Downes
Secretary  Mrs Ann Sangster
Treasurer  Mrs Donna Gillespie

Contact: AbernethyCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 41 - Glenfarg

Areas covered - Duncrievie, Glenfarg

Chair Mr Donald MacKenzie
Vice-Chair Vacant
Secretary  Mrs Janet Watson
Treasurer  Mrs Gillian Vaughan

Contact: GlenfargCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

Website: www.glenfargcc.org.uk

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Area 42 - Earn

Areas covered - Aberdalgie, Bridge of Earn, Craigend, Dron, Forgandenny, Forteviot, Path of Condie, Rhynd

Chair Mr Kenneth Paterson    
Vice-Chair Mr Douglas Johnston
Secretary  Mrs Sandra Pullar
Treasurer  Mr Bill Armstrong

Contact: EarnCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 43 - Errol

Areas covered - Errol, Grange

Chair Mrs E A H Bright   
Vice-Chair Ms Susan Dobbie
Secretary  Mr Gordon Mcintosh
Treasurer  Mr Hugh Morrison

Contact: ErrolCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 44 - West Carse

Areas covered - Glencarse, Glendoick, Kinfauns, St Madoes,

Chair Mr David Strachan
Vice-Chair Mr J McOuat
Secretary  Mr A Forbes
Treasurer  Mr J McOuat

Contact: WestCarseCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 45 - Inchture

Areas covered - Abernyte, Inchture, Kinnaird, Rait

Chair Mr Peter Henderson
Vice-Chair Mr Derek Henderson
Secretary  Dr Stephen Kelly-Barton
Treasurer  Miss Lynsay McFarlane

Contact: InchtureCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 46 - Kinross

Areas covered - Kinross

Chair Mr David West    
Vice-Chair Mr David Collier
Secretary  Miss Margaret Scott
Treasurer  Mr Ian Jack

Contact: KinrossCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 47 - Portmoak

Areas covered - Kinnesswood, Scotlandwell

Chair Mr Malcolm Parkin
Vice-Chair Vacant
Secretary  Mr John Bird (acting)
Treasurer  Mr Richard Williamson

Contact: PortmoakCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 48 - Cleish and Blairadam

Areas covered - Blairadam, Cleish

Chair Mr Ron Kitchin
Vice-Chair Ms Fiona Macgregor
Secretary  Ms Patty Fraser
Treasurer  Mr R Jeffrey

Contact: CleishCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 49 - Milnathort

Areas covered - Milnathort

Chair Mr Bruce Hamilton        
Vice-Chair Mr Patrick Milne Home    
Secretary  Mr Martin Pettinger
Treasurer  Mrs Lynne Bennet

Contact: MilnathortCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 50 - Fossoway

Areas covered - Blairingone, Crook of Devon

Chair Mr Alexander Morrison
Vice-Chair Vacant
Secretary  Mr Kevin Borthwick
Treasurer  Vacant

Contact: FossowayCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

Website:  http://www.fossoway.org

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Area 51 - Pitlochry and Moulin 

Chair      Mr Andrew Holmes
Vice-Chair Mr James Laurenson
Secretary Mr Graham Holmes
Treasurer Mrs Pauline Duncan

Contact: PitlochryCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 52 - Invergowrie and Kingoodie

Not established

Contact: CommunityCouncils@pkc.gov.uk

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Area 53 - Longforgan

Areas covered - Longforgan

Chair Mr Alan Muir    
Vice-Chair Mr John Ruddy    
Secretary  Mrs Sylvia Wilkie    
Treasurer  Mr Ian Jones

Contact: LongforganCommunityCouncil@pkc.gov.uk

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