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The Technology Strategy Board works with and through various partners in Northern Ireland, in particular the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment and Invest NI.

Innovation policy in Northern Ireland is developed and driven by the Department of Trade and Investment (DETI), whose stated goal is "to grow a dynamic, innovative economy".

DETI plays a crucial role in formulating and delivering economic development policy in many key areas in Northern Ireland, including Enterprise, Innovation, Social Economy, Energy, Telecoms, and Tourism. In addition, the Department has responsibility for ensuring a modern regulatory framework to support business and protect consumers. For more information about DETI and its role, please go to:

Invest NI is Northern Ireland’s regional economic development agency. Its role is to grow the economy by stimulating entrepreneurial activity; increasing exports and trade; promoting research, development and innovation and by attracting new investment to and within Northern Ireland.

Invest NI offers the Northern Ireland business community a single point of contact for business support and expert advice. It supports a wide range of businesses, and especially those in the manufacturing and tradeable services sectors.

Invest NI offers a number of programmes aimed at supporting business research and development (R&D); increasing the commercialisation of science and ideas; and actively promoting innovation, invention and knowledge exchange.

In addition to the Technology Strategy Board programmes that are available through Invest NI, other innovation support delivered by Invest NI includes:

  • Innovation Advice
  • Grants for R&D
  • Innovation Vouchers
  • Design Service
  • Proof of Concept Fund
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Technology Transfer
  • Collaborative R&D support service
  • Advice on intellectual property, patents etc
  • Northern Ireland Spinouts
  • Centres of excellence - working in cutting-edge areas of research, including functional genomics and proteomics, pharmaceuticals and nanotechnology.

For further details of these and other programmes please go to:

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