Candidates who previously required special arrangements in a test or public exam can request the same for the professional skills tests for trainee teachers.

There are different versions of the tests to cater for different needs. Evidence must be available to support any request for adaptations, including the following:

  • 25 and 50 per cent extra time versions;
  • on-screen spelling questions in literacy tests;
  • on-screen mental arithmetic questions in numeracy tests; and
  • paper-based tests (including larger print format).

Please ensure the correct application form is submitted: one form is for current trainees, who are already on ITT courses; the other is for pre-entry applicants to ITT. Submitting the incorrect form will lead to delays in processing the application.

Evidence required

Requests for 25 per cent extra time do not require an application form or evidence to be submitted, although the Teaching Agency reserves the right to request proof that candidates require special arrangements.

For special arrangements beyond 25 per cent extra time, an application form and evidence, in the form of a medical report, SENCO or educational psychologist’s report, is required.

For information and advice about evidence required for different provisions, contact the special arrangements team at the skills test helpline.

Booking special arrangements tests

When registering online for the skills tests, you must state that you require special arrangements when prompted.

You can only book a test with special arrangements by contacting the skills test helpline.

Note: Do not book a standard test online first.

Contact details

Skills test helpline: Special arrangements team
The helpline is open on weekdays from 9am to 5pm.
Telephone: 0845 450 8867