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Contacting Us

Contact information for the RCUK Strategy Unit and the individual Research Councils can be accessed using the links below.

Please note: all enquires for RCUK SSC Ltd (including procurement and recruitment for the Councils) should be directed to the Shared Service Centre and contact details can be found here.

Specific information for Researchers and Students

Please note that the RCUK Strategy Unit does not provide research funding or studentship opportunities but works with people across the Research Councils to encourage cross-Council collaboration.

Studentship funding is either awarded directly to universities and research organisations; or the application process for studentship funding has to be completed with the relevant institution. Therefore potential students should contact the institution at which they wish to undertake a research degree.

The Research Councils provide funding to UK universities, Research Council Institutes and a number of other independent research organisations in the form of research grants and fellowships. Each of the Research Councils publishes information on its website about funding opportunities and how to apply for funding. This information can be accessed by following the "How to apply for funding" link in the respective Research Council's contact details below.

RCUK Strategy Unit

General enquiries please contact:

Polaris House
North Star Avenue

Tel: 01793 444420 (Alt: 442656 or 444023)

RCUK Communications

RCUK Head of Communications
Alexandra Saxon
Tel: 01793 444474

Ben Aubrey
RCUK Web Manager
Tel: 01793 442638



Dr Saffron Townsend
Senior Manager, Research Policy
Tel: 01793 442825



Public Engagement

For general enquiries, please contact:

Tel: 01793 442816

Head of RCUK Public Engagement with Research
Dr Kerry Leslie
01793 412816

Ruth Williams
Senior Policy Manager for Public Engagement with Research
Tel: 01793 444494

Claudine Anderson
Policy Manager
Tel: 01793 442818


Research Careers and Diversity

For general enquiries, please contact:

RCUK Research Careers and Diversity

Head of Research Careers
Dr Iain Cameron
Tel: 01793 444038

For information on the RCUK Academic Fellowship Scheme please contact Rosie Beales

Rosie Beales
Portfolio Manager
Tel: 01793 444159

Kate Reading
Portfolio Manager
Tel: 01793 442837


Disabled Students Allowance

Contacts for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) for individual Research Councils are detailed below:

MRC: MRCpolicy&

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Head of RCUK International
Sophie Laurie
Tel: 01793 418031

RCUK China

General enquiries please contact:

RCUK China Team
British Embassy Beijing
11 Guang Hua Lu
Beijing 100600

Tel: +86 10 5192 4000

Map and directions

Dr Alicia Greated

Grace Lang (Lin LANG)
Deputy Director


RCUK India

For general enquiries, please contact:

RCUK India
British High Commission
New Delhi 110021

Tel: +91 11 2419 2370

Dr Nafees Meah
Tel: +91 11 2419 2370

Deputy Director
Helen Bailey
Tel: +91 11 24192416

Sukanya Kumar-Sinha
Senior Programme Manager
Tel: +91 11 24192123

Shalini Singh
Administrative Officer
Tel: +91 11 2419 2370



For general enquiries, please contact:

RCUK Office in the US
British Embassy
3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington DC 20008-3600

Dr Stephen Elsby
Tel: +1 202-588-7693
Fax: +1 202-588-7901

UK Research Office

For general enquiries, please contact:

UK Research Office (UKRO)
Rue du Trône, 4
1000 Brussels

Tel: 00 32 2 230 1535 / 5275
Fax: 00 32 2 230 4803

The Research Councils

For specific enquires, please contact the individual Research Councils using the details below:

Polaris House
North Star Ave
How to apply for funding
Polaris House
North Star Ave
How to apply for funding
Polaris House
North Star Ave
How to apply for funding
Polaris House
North Star Ave
How to apply for funding
Tel: 01793 444000 Tel: 01793 413200 Tel: 01793 444000 Tel: 01793 413000
2nd Floor David Phillips Building
Polaris House
North Star Avenue
How to apply for funding
Polaris House
North Star Ave
How to apply for funding
Polaris House
North Star Ave
How to apply for funding
Tel: 01793 416200 Tel: 01793 411500 Tel: 01793 442000

RCUK Shared Services Centre Ltd

Details on how to contact the RCUK Shared Services Centre Ltd can be found here. Contact points for grants processing can be found here.


Companies seeking information or interested in becoming a supplier should go to and visit the Procurement section for more information, alternatively please call 01793 867004.

Local Authorities and Research Councils Initiative (LARCI)

For further information on how the Research Councils will continue to work with Local Authorities please contact Eloise Stott on the telephone number listed below.

Tel: 01793 413001
Fax: 01793 413001

Audit and Assurance Services Group (AASG)

For general enquiries, please contact:

Director of Internal Audit

Tel: 01793 413285
Fax: 01793 413376

Research Councils Libraries & Information Consortium (RESCOLINC)

For general enquiries, please contact:

Debbie Franks (STFC)
Library Services Development Manager
Science and Technology Facilities Council
Daresbury Laboratory
Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus

Tel: 01925 603189
Fax: 01925 603779

Other members of the RESCOLINC Working Group are:

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Funding and policy information

RCUK Assurance Programme

For general enquiries, please contact:

RCUK Head of Assurance
Gareth MacDonald
Tel: 01793 413222

Sanjay Sampat
RCUK Assurance Manager
Tel: 01793 413310

Ian Bell
RCUK Assurance Manager
Tel: 01793 413178

Tracy Jarvis
Admin Support Officer
Tel: 01793 442827

Amanda Martin
Admin Support Officer
Tel: 01793 443317


Eligibility for Research Council funding

Any organisation wishing to apply for IRO status should contact the Je-S helpdesk in the first instance. The Je-S helpdesk will then advice you of the process and send the appropriate documentation to be completed.

Peer Review Benchmarking

EPSRC manages Peer Review Benchmarking processes on behalf of all the Research Councils, for further information please contact the Project Officer: Michaela Simpson

Tel: 01793 44 4028

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Research Outcomes Project

The Research Outcomes Project has an email address through which you can raise queries or concerns, or make suggestions. All enquiries will be logged and responded to:

Lydia Fulford
Research Outcomes System Manager

RCUK Review of Energy

If you have any questions about the Review, please contact:

Head of Energy Programme
Jason Green

Tel: 01793 444208

Please do not contact members of the Review Panel directly.

RCUK Nanoscience Programme

For general enquiries, please contact:

EPSRC Physical Sciences Manager
Alexandra Peden
Tel: 01793 444377

For specific Research Council enquiries please contact:


RCUK Strategic Advisor for Nanotechnology
Professor Peter Dobson

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RCUK Digital Economy Theme

Digital Economy Theme Lead
John Baird
Tel: 01793 444047

Digital Economy Theme Delivery Manager
Ruth Slade
Tel: 01793 444261

Digital Economy Portfolio Managers:

Carol McAnally
Tel: 01793 444121

Other Research Council contacts:

Technology Strategy Board contact:

Nick Appleyard
Technology Strategy Board

Digital Economy Mailing List

We are compiling a list of people who are interested in the Digital Economy theme. If you would like to be added to this list and to be informed about activities and opportunities within the theme, please e-mail Ruth Slade

RCUK Energy Programme

Head of Energy Programme / Nuclear Fission, , Public engagement, International Development
Jason Green
Tel: 01793 444208

For specific Research Council enquiries please contact:

Vicky Jackson
Tel: 01793 413341

Paul Rouse
Tel: 01793 413058

Chris Franklin
Tel: 01793 411708

Catherine Ewart
Tel: 01793 442115

Energy Programme Portfolio Managers:

Neil Bateman
Nuclear, Shaping Capability, Bioenergy & Bioenergy ERAnet.
Tel: 01793 444496

Hannah Collins
RCUK Digital Economy Theme
interface for TEDDI and BURD activities
Tel: 01793 444428

Chris Franklin
UK Energy Research Centre

Tel: 01793 411758

David Holtum
End User Energy Demand, Whole systems, Transport and Energy
Tel: 01793 414441

Vicky Jackson
Tel: 01793 413341

Robert Felstead
Fusion Portfolio Manager
Tel: 01793 444043

Richard Matthewman
Fusion Advisory Board Secretary
Tel: 01793 444051

Lewis Preece
Supergen Scheme: Renewables – Wind, Marine, Offshore, Hydrogen & Vector Fuel Cells, Solar
Tel: 01793 444268

Samantha Riches
Energy storage, Energy Networks and Infrastructure, International Strategy and Development, Developing Leaders, PIRE, EERA
Tel: 01793 444536

Gavin Salisbury
Senior Energy Manager, International Review – Action Plan, Impact. Speculative Research, Public Engagement, Energy Technologies Institute interface
Tel: 01793 444040

Jacqui Williams
Senior Energy Manager, Strategy Fellows, Carbon Capture and Storage, Geo thermal, Conventional energy, Communications
Tel: 01793 444131

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