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RCUK Office in the US logo Welcome to the website of the Research Councils UK Office in the US.

The Research Councils are the main UK public bodies charged with funding excellent research and supporting the next generation of researchers. Research Councils also stimulate the successful exploitation of new ideas to help the UK to compete effectively in an increasingly competitive global environment. The Research Councils are principally funded through the UK Government's Science Budget which is administered by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Each year the UK Research Councils invest around £2.8 billion ($5.6billion) in research, fellowships, postgraduate training and research facilities covering the full spectrum of academic disciplines from the medical, biological and environmental sciences to astronomy, physics, chemistry, engineering, social sciences, economics, and the arts and humanities.

As two of the strongest research systems in the world and the best resourced, the UK and the US have long been partners in research. The US is the first choice partner for many of the UK's best researchers, and vice versa.

To maintain the strength of this relationship, the UK Research Councils have established an RCUK Office in the US to identify and facilitate new research collaborations across the breadth of the research base.

The RCUK US Office will:

  • facilitate further collaboration between US and UK researchers;
  • promote the movement of researchers between the US and UK and access to facilities, data and resources; and
  • work with US research organisations in influencing the international research agenda and promote the excellence of the UK research base.

The Office will work primarily with US federal funders and endowments to share priorities and pursue and promote collaborative research opportunities.

This website will provide information on the funding available to researchers and students in the UK and the US who wish to collaborate with, or work in, either country.


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    4 Jan 2012

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Contact details for the RCUK US Team can be found here.