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Efficiency 2011-15: Ensuring Excellence with Impact

In response to the Wakeham Review Research Councils UK (RCUK) published a report Efficiency 2011-15: Ensuring Excellence with Impact detailing plans to drive efficiency in research funding. As a result of the rapidly changing economic climate and as part of the December 2010 budget allocation announcements, there are political expectations that substantial savings will be made. The Research Councils, together as RCUK, have therefore considered in detail how to implement the efficiency savings recommended in the Wakeham Report as well as achieve the required additional savings whilst ensuring the sustainability of the research base.

The RCUK report Efficiency 2011-15: Ensuring Excellence with Impact, detailing these plans is available here.

Efficiency Groups for 2012/13

Information on the allocation of Research Organisations to Efficiency Groups for 2012/13 is available here PDF 300KB

Supplementary Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently asked questions may be found here.


Guidance relating to requests for equipment included on proposals submitted to the Research Councils is available here PDF 250KB

All Councils will introduce the new increased threshold for individual items of minor research equipment for grants awarded after 1st May. In addition Councils may, depending on circumstances, apply all of the new guidelines to grants awarded from 1st May. The greatest emphasis, for all Councils, is placed on scientific quality throughout the peer review process. Research Organisations will be notified of the outcomes of the grant application process, including their requests for equipment, in the usual way

Top Slice

Guidance relating to the application of the top slice is available here PDF 250KB

Further guidance regarding phase 1 top slice is available here PDF 200KB

Grant Submissions

Guidance relating to changes to indirect cost grant submissions from 1 July 2011 is available here PDF 250KB