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Consultation Report - Fitness to Practise Adjudication for health professionals: Assessing different mechanisms for delivery

  • Launch date:
    9 August 2010
  • Closing date:
    11 October 2010
  • Creator/s:
    Department of Health
  • Copyright holder:
  • Publication format:
    A4 electronic only
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A public consultation on  the 'Fitness to Practise Adjudication for Health Professionals: Assessing different mechanisms for delivery' ran between 9 August 2010 and 11 October 2010. The attached Consultation report contains an overview of the consultation process; the responses received; and the Department’s reply and actions taken. This is also accompanied by an Impact assessment and an equality impact assessment.

Consultation Responses

Submissions to the Department’s consultation on Fitness to Practice Adjudication for Health Professionals: Assessing Different Mechanisms for Delivery are published in line with a commitment made to the Health and Social Care Bill Committee on 29 March 2011.

In line with usual practice, a summary of responses to the consultation was published on 2 December 2010, as part of the consultation report.

Responses have been published with personal data redacted where necessary in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Department's Information Charter. This has included the redaction of the names of the respondents in three instances.  In two further instances, in line with the express wishes of the respondents, the identities of those respondents, and the terms of the response of one of them, cannot be published.

Please note that these documents are for print purposes only as they have not been tagged for accessibility.

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