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A smokefree future: a comprehensive tobacco control strategy for England

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    HM Government
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    1 February 2010
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This new tobacco control strategy for England establishes a vision of eradicating tobacco harms and creating a smokefree future, so that we can support people to live healthier and longer lives. The strategy follows on from a successful public consultation in 2008 on the future of tobacco control, which drew nearly 100,000 individual responses.

To deliver this vision the strategy sets out three overarching objectives to make significant progress towards a smokefree society:

1. To stop the inflow of young people recruited as smokers.
2. To motivate and assist every smoker to quit.
3. To protect families and communities.

Against each objective, we are setting an aspiration of what could be achieved by 2020, including halving the numbers of adult smokers to just one in ten, and reducing the number of children who take up smoking to negligible levels.  Delivering these aspirations will maintain England’s position as a world leader in tobacco control but can only be achieved if all partners across the public, private and voluntary sectors continue to prioritise tobacco control and implement the evidence-based policies set out in this strategy.

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