Children's safeguarding performance information

Performance information has a key role to play in driving improvement locally. It can provide the context for discussion about the effectiveness of safeguarding and early help for children, young people and families and encourage debate and learning. It enables professionals and local agencies to understand what is working and where there may be problems to resolve.

As part of the wider reforms of the child protection system we have published the children’s safeguarding performance information framework. The framework has been developed in consultation with the sector. It is intended to help move the focus of the child protection system from processes and indicators towards performance measures that improve professional understanding and drive improvements locally. The framework describes the key nationally collected data and the questions that should be asked at a local level to understand the impact and effectiveness of safeguarding children.

The local and national information in the framework should be used by local agencies as well as Local Safeguarding Children Boards and Health and Wellbeing Boards. The framework is available to download from this page. Further information on the nationally collected data and the recommended locally held information is available on our other pages.