Norovirus is spreading in the community. Help prevent the spread of norovirus. Read more...
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What's new

Norovirus affecting wards at Stoke Mandeville Hospital
21 Dec 2012

As is normal at this time of year, norovirus is circulating within the community and some of our inpatient wards are affected at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and therefore visiting is restricted on these wards.

New holistic nursing clinic for lung cancer patients
17 Dec 2012

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust (BHT) is piloting a new holistic nursing assessment clinic for patients with lung cancer, looking at their psychological and social needs. This is the first dedicated clinic of its type in the Thames Valley area.

Stoke Mandeville Hospital site restrictions 14-16 December
14 Dec 2012

As part of the redevelopment of the A&E department at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, a new modular building will be installed onsite the weekend of 14-16 December. This building will provide additional modern space to enhance our urgent care services for patients. Please note that patients and visitors to the site will experience a number of parking and access restrictions from 7pm on Friday 14 December through to 9pm on Sunday 16 December. This is to ensure your safety whilst the new building is installed.

New service for young first time parents
14 Dec 2012

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, in collaboration with key partners, has launched a new service for young first time parents called the Family Nurse Partnership programme (FNP). FNP is a voluntary programme offered to young women under 20 having their first baby, and their families, throughout their pregnancy and up to their child’s second birthday.

Employer of the year for the second time
11 Dec 2012

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust has been awarded an ‘employer of the year’ award by Amersham and Wycombe College for the second time, for supporting work-based learning, predominantly offering apprenticeships in health and health & social care.

All I want for Christmas
11 Dec 2012

Children everywhere are busy writing their Christmas lists and parents all over the world are wondering how on earth they can afford all these requests! However, according to Department of Health research from November last year, children with a parent or parents who smoke want just one thing - their parents to give up smoking!