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    Thanks to NPL Training, the measurement associates are now thinking out of the box. We are already seeing a faster turnaround of measurement activities with higher accuracy and increased confidence. NPL is known for its technical expertise in this area, and can provide the highest level validated training. It's added to our professionalism and improved communication with our suppliers.

    Mark Imms
    Metrology Manager
    Bentley Motors
  • bpGif

    BP Exploration has continued to benefit from NPL's world class corrosion testing and modelling capabilities in 2009, and we intend to cooperate even more closely in 2010 and beyond.

    Steve Groves
    Programmes Manager
    Inherently Reliable Facilities Flagship BP
  • surreysat2

    NPL has provided us with very valuable services, which have helped ensure that our satellites offer the accuracy needed provide our customers with technology they can trust, and remain ahead of our competitors.

    Dr Martin Unwin
    Head of GNSS/GPS Team
    Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd

Image gallery

  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) measures the temperatures and heat flow in materials as a function of time and temperature, providing information about physical and chemical changes that involve a change in heat capacity or external temperature.
  • The electromagnetic anechoic chamber is used to calibrate antennas at frequencies up to 18GHz. The room is specially designed to absorb any and all electromagnetic waves, allowing precise measurements to be made without interference.
  • The NPL apparatus for single molecule imaging. By using three lasers (red, green and blue) we can use three different colours of fluorescence, enabling us to monitor up to three different types of molecule in the same experiment.
  • A polyurethane tile developed as an acoustic absorber for sonar frequency water tanks. The tile, developed through proof-of-concept funding, has properties which make it very absorbing and minimally reflective to water-borne sound above a frequency of 20 kHz.
  • This strontium end cap ion trap could redefine the way that the world measures the second. Current time measurements are made using caesium fountain clocks, but the team working on the ion trap clocks estimate that they could measure time up to 1000 times more accurately.
  • The UV Dosimeter, created by scientists at NPL, helps to minimise the risk of ultraviolet treatment by measuring the dose given as accurately as possible. UV treatment is used for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.


Latest photos from our Flickr account.
  • NPL scientist Ian Butterworth recording a BBC Radio 4 Extra programme with Dick and Dom at a school with 300 children shouting "Bogies" and recording how loud they are!
  • NPL has been awarded the Institute of Physics Best Practice in Professional Development Award for 2012-2015, in their large organisation category.
  • Nick Kay receiving an award from NPL's Martyn Sene
  • Rowers from NPL accompanying the Olympic flame up the Thames
  • HRH The Duke of Kent with Ian Butterworth in NPL's Acoustics labs
  • Ian Gilmore with HRH The Duke of Kent
  • Brian Bowsher with HRH The Duke of Kent
  • HRH The Duke of Kent with Graham Machin
  • NPL's Brian Bowsher handing out gifts

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