Supply teachers make an important contribution to the smooth running of schools and the raising of standards. The Government values their contribution and wants to ensure they are recruited and managed well, to allow them to give their best to schools.

The Quality Mark was launched in July 2002, as a joint initiative between the Department for Education and the Recruitment Employment Confederation to help drive up standards for everyone in the sector. The Quality Mark sets minimum standards for agencies and local authorities to reach in areas such as the way they recruit and interview supply teachers, the way they check and manage their performance and the way they stay at the forefront of changes in the teaching sector.

Maintaining standards in education recruitment is vital and the benefits of the Quality Mark to local authorities, agencies, supply teachers and the schools that they service are immense. Schools and teachers deserve high quality agencies and this scheme will help both schools and teachers become more confident about the agencies they use. It will give increased confidence to schools, parents and pupils that staff supplied through agencies are recruited properly and have ongoing support. For agencies and local authorities, it will provide both assurance and official recognition that the highest standards of recruitment practice are being adhered to; and teachers will be confident that they have selected an accredited and reputable service that will add value to their experience as supply teachers.

You can also find out more about the Quality Mark, including a list of organisations which hold the Quality Mark and those who are working towards the award by visiting the Recruitment and Employment Confederation website.