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Independent report High speed rail: investing in Britain’s future consultation summary report addendum


High speed rail, Investing in Britain's future consultation summary report addendum

Addendum report providing a summary of 413 responses mistakenly excluded from the initial analysis.

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On 10 January 2012 the government announced its decision to develop a new national high speed rail network following the completion of a major public consultation. On 29 May, the consultation responses were published online. We then discovered that a small number of responses (407 out of 55,322 responses) had unintentionally not been forwarded to Dialogue by Design for inclusion in their response assessment process. In addition, a further 6 responses had been incorrectly marked as duplicates by Dialogue by Design.

This addendum report is a supplementary analysis of all the affected consultation responses which was commissioned from Dialogue by Design. The report concludes that these 413 responses do not provide any information that was not already included in the previous ‘Consultation summary report’ or would have made a difference to the substantive content or balance of that report. Therefore, their inclusion in Dialogue by Design’s original review of responses would not have substantially changed its findings nor affected the considerations which informed the decisions following consultation.

The Secretary of State for Transport issued a statement to Parliament about this on 17 July 2012 and we have contacted all those who submitted a response affected by the processing error. The consultation summary report and the addendum report each include a list of participating organisations at appendix 2 and appendix 1 respectively. Individual respondents are not listed.

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