This evaluation of the learndirect guidance trial aims to assess how successful the trial has been in generating and meeting demand for telephone guidance. This report also looks at the feasibility of delivering guidance by telephone; how far short-term positive outcomes of guidance are achieved; and the cost-effectiveness of telephone guidance compared to face-to-face services.

In 2005 the Government established a review of Information, Advice and Guidance services for adults in order to help achieve the long-term objective outlined in the White Paper, Skills: Getting on in Business, Getting on in Work (2005). This called for a universally available, high quality and well-used service offering linked information, advice and guidance for adults covering jobs, qualifications, training and related support such as childcare. One element of the review was to conduct and evaluate a trial extension of the UfI/learndirect telephone guidance service to handle a substantially larger volume of calls, and to test a three-stage call-back and action planning model.


  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Generating Demand
  • Meeting Demand
  • The Outcomes of Guidance
  • Cost-effectiveness Analysis
  • Conclusions