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The White Paper Trust, assurance and safety: The regulation of health professionals

  • Document type:
    White paper
  • Author:
    Department of Health
  • Published date:
    21 February 2007
  • Primary audience:
    Health and social care professionals
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  • Series number:
    Cm 7013
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This White Paper sets out a programme of reform to the United Kingdom’s system for the regulation of health professionals, based on consultation on the two reviews of professional regulation published in July 2006: Good doctors, safer patients by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England and the Department of Health’s ‘The regulation of the non-medical healthcare professions’. It is complemented by the Government’s response to the recommendations of the Fifth Report of the Shipman Inquiry and to the recommendations of the Ayling, Neale and Kerr/Haslam Inquiries, Safeguarding Patients, which sets out a range of measures to improve and enhance clinical governance in the NHS.

Available from The Stationery Office

Regulatory Impact Assessment

To accompany these documents, the Department of Health has also published a Regulatory Impact Assessment, which examines the potential effects, including costings, of the measures proposed.

Consultation analysis report

The consultation analysis report records the numbers and nature of the responses received to the consultation, with analysis of the level of support for specific recommendations.

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