Science Board Member - Justin Wark

Justin Wark
(Credit: STFC)
Professor Justin Wark completed his undergraduate studies in Physics at Oxford, and then a PhD in Laser Plasma Interactions at Imperial College, London, in 1985. He then spent time at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics at the University of Rochester, NY, before returning to the UK.

He is currently Professor of Physics in the Clarendon Laboratory at the University of Oxford, and Fellow in Physics at Trinity College, Oxford. His research interests are in the use of ultra-intense lasers, both in the optical domain, and the new so-called 4th generation X-ray light sources, that have spectral brightnesses a billion times greater than any synchrotron.

He uses such systems for ultrafast (femtosecond) X-ray studies of matter in extreme conditions of temperature, pressure, and density. This work is of relevance to inertial confinement fusion research, as well as to the fundamental physics of planetary and stellar interiors, and material strength. He has served on numerous UK and international advisory committees.

He is currently Chair of the User Group of the US National Ignition Facility (the largest laser in the world), and a former member of the LCLS Science Advisory Committee. His research group uses international high-power laser facilities (such as Omega, Orion, and NIF), synchrotrons (Diamond, ESRF and ALS), and 4th generation sources (such as FLASH and LCLS).

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