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Sovereign Grant Act: frequently asked questions relating to the Act and on general issues

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General interest

Sovereign Grant

What is the purpose of the Sovereign Grant?

What is the Civil List?

What are the “grants-in-aid”?

Why the change of the present system and who requested the change?

What is the Queen expected to pay for out of the Sovereign Grant?

Is it just the Queen who will receive this Grant or will others in the Royal Family be covered by the Sovereign Grant?

What about the Duke of Edinburgh?

What about the Duke of York and other members of the Royal Family?

Where is the money for the Sovereign Grant coming from?


Who will be keeping an eye on Royal Household expenditure?

Civil List Audit Act 1816. Why are you changing the audit arrangements after nearly 200 years?

Will legislation be required to allow NAO audit?

Will there be PAC hearings on Sovereign Grant?

Determination and review of the Sovereign Grant

How will the grant be calculated, and how frequently will it be paid?

How will you know how much to pay?

What if you give The Queen too much money?

What if you give The Queen too little money?

Does this mean The Queen can build up a large Reserve Fund?

How would this work?

What will happen to any surplus revenues each year?

What happens if that surplus revenue builds up to a very large sum as with civil list in previous years?

How often will the amount of the grant be reviewed?

What happens if the percentage is to increase or decrease?

Duchy of Cornwall

What is the Duchy of Cornwall?

How does the Act affect the Duchy of Cornwall?

Royal Palaces

The Sovereign Grant is replacing grant in aid for the Royal Palaces, what is this?

What are the Occupied Royal Palaces?

Will the Sovereign Grant make any difference to how the grant in aid operates or will the processes remain the same?

Questions of general interest

1. Royal Travel

The Sovereign Grant is replacing the Royal Travel Grant-in-aid - What is this?

What is meant by “official royal travel”?

“Official royal travel” means:

What doesn’t the Royal Travel budget cover?

Will the Sovereign Grant make any difference to how the grant in aid operated or will the processes remain the same?

How is the mode of travel decided?

What is the current position relating to the Royal Train?

How much does the Royal Train cost?

2. Tax

Will the new funding arrangements change the tax position of The Queen and other Members of the Royal Family?

Will The Queen pay tax on the Sovereign Grant?

Does The Queen pay income tax on Her other income?

What about income tax paid by the Prince of Wales?

What about other members of the Royal Family?

3. Crown Estate

Why is the Crown Estate providing the grant?

What if Crown Estate earnings dip as in 2009-10, or, if Crown Estate earnings escalate as offshore wind business develops?

Will the Sovereign Grant go straight to the Palace from the Crown Estate?

4. Security costs

Why no breakdown of security costs provided given this represents a major cost for the taxpayer?

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