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The Work Programme: Your Thoughts - comment online

The Government has announced plans for radical reform of the welfare to work system and the implementation of The Work Programme. The Work Programme will be an integrated package of support providing personalised help for people who find themselves out of work based on need rather than benefit claimed.

To enable suppliers to propose and discuss ideas on specific areas of The Work Programme, we ran discussions on a number of themes from 19 July 2010 to 13 August 2010.

These discussions are now closed.

Themes for discussion

We invited comments on the following themes which you can read at:

DWP are currently considering all ideas raised.

Capital raising

Ideas included:

Payment models

A variety of thoughts were received on paying providers for outcomes achieved, including:


A variety of ideas were received on how suppliers could provide customers the help they need whilst on the Work Programme, these included:


A number of ideas were received on how DWP can do things more efficiently, such as:


Some of the ideas received on how DWP could support suppliers with any implementation challenges:

DWP wishes to thank all contributors for the wide range of comments received on these themes via The Work Programme: Your Thoughts.

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