Future Health Mission 2012

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Future Health Mission 2012 is an entrepreneur-led trade mission to Boston, Massachusetts for twenty of the UK’s most promising early stage and high growth potential healthcare technology businesses.

The winning companies represent advances across four medical development areas: stratified and regenerative medicine, diagnostic medicine, assisted living technologies and other medical advances. Run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, in partnership with the Technology Strategy Board, UKTI and private sector sponsors, the Future Health Mission provides winning companies with unparalleled insights, connections and opportunities to accelerate their growth potential in the US.

Find out more from those who went to Boston, read the blog on the Mission website here



The chosen companies for the Future Health Mission 2012 are:

Anaxsys  www.anaxys.com
Arterius  www.arterius.co.uk
Cellcap Technologies  www.cell-capture.com
DestiNA Genomics    www.destinagenomics.com
Epicardio   www.epicardio.com
Eyejusters   www.eyejusters.com
GeneFirst   www.genefirst.com
Magnaparva Diagnostics   www.magnaparva.net/diagnostics
Optimal Medicine    www.optimalmedicine.com 
P1vital     www.p1vital.com
PathXL    www.pathxl.com
Radius Diagnostics   www.radius-health.com
Rathlin Medical
Safe Patient Systems   www.safepatientsystems.com
Sitekit Health      www.sitekit.net
Sky Medical Technology
Tissue Regenix   www.tissueregenix.com
uMotif     www.umotif.com
Vueklar Cardiovascular  www.vueklar.com
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