UK medicines and healthcare industries are in a strong international position both industrially and scientifically to generate significant revenues.

Given this strength, there is significant potential for government support through the Technology Strategy Board to leverage our world-class science and technology base and our major global presence in the biopharmaceutical and health technology sectors by stimulating the development of new technologies and consequent products and services.

The mission for the Technology Strategy Board Healthcare portfolio is to help UK businesses to deliver step changes in disease prevention and proactive health management, earlier and better diagnosis, with therapies tailored to patients’ needs.

The programme takes into account technological development as well as service implementation and integration by working closely with Department of Health and devolved Health Directorates, to identify key ‘economic’ challenges in delivering healthcare. We enable technology developers to deliver to these challenges not just for the UK but also the global market.

We deliver focused and cohesive programmes in:

• Assisted Living – helping businesses to deliver technological and service innovation to support independent living for a growing ageing population:

• Detection and Identification of Infectious Agents – enabling companies to address the market need to reduce mortality, morbidity and economic burden of infectious diseases:

• Stratified Medicines - supporting companies to create cost-effective solutions to delivering the right treatment to the right patient at the right time:

• Regenerative Medicine – helping UK businesses to take advantage of the next generation of treatments to deliver long term relief or cures for diseases.

Over the coming year the Healthcare programme at the Technology Strategy Board will be:

• Consulting with the broad medicines and healthcare community to refresh the Technology Strategy Board Medicines and Healthcare strategy for 2012-2015

• Developing the next stages of the DALLAS programme under the Assisted living Innovation Platform

• Planning for the next competition in the area of Detection and Identification of Infectious Agents

• Developing and publishing the Stratified Medicine Innovation Platform Roadmap and planning the next competitions in the area

• Establishing the Cell Therapy Catapult

• Working with our Research Council colleagues and the community to develop a Regenerative Medicine roadmap and publish a ‘Forward Look’ to identify new areas of work following on from the 2009 Regenmed programme

For further innovation support for the Healthtech Industry visit the Healthtech and Medicines Knowledge Transfer Network here

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