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Martin Percy

Lifesaver is a crisis simulator that fuses interactivity, video and social media to teach emergency skills

Lifesaver has attracted matching funding of £94,500 from the UK Resuscitation Council. The project aims to shoot the required video in early autumn 2012 before adding the interactive and digital elements later in the year. It is hoped that Lifesaver will go live in early 2013.

The original pitch

What is the market opportunity?

A 2009 report said that in 2006/07, UK employer expenditure on training was £18.4bn and that the market was very fragmented with many small businesses and freelancers. We estimate that approximately 10% of this expenditure is devoted to first aid training. However, this area is dominated by analogue techniques little changed since the 1970s. We propose to bring digital techniques to a lucrative and vital field crying out for innovation.

What is the business model?

We propose a ‘freemium’ business model for this product. The customers of the final product will be corporate clients worldwide, who would pay to enrol their staff as a cheap, effective way to carry out health-and-safety training. Private individuals could enrol on the course free of charge.

Who are the team?

We are a digital creative production company that has won virtually every major award in digital media. Creativity Online rates unit9 among the world’s top 30 production companies. User testing will be by EdComs, a leading training provider. We are interested in discussing this project with potential investors or partners with experience of the corporate training market.

What is the funding strategy?

Our initial requirement is for £94,500 for creation and testing of the Lifesaver prototype. After that, a number of possible strategies will be discussed with potential investors and partners.

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