Transport is essential in almost every aspect of our lives, playing a key role in supporting the UK economy.  However, the impact of growing demand for transport in terms of environment, energy use and efficiency demands a step change in performance to deliver a sustainable transport system. It is because of these global challenges that effort must now be focussed ever more strongly on innovation across the transport sector.

The Technology Strategy Board aims to address the innovation challenge to deliver the benefits to the transport system, the economy and society as a whole. Environmentally, while there is an imperative to address the issue of CO2 emissions and climate change, there is also the need to ensure that all emissions including noise are minimised or eliminated.

Reducing reliance of fossil fuels plays an important part in this, as well as offering the opportunity to introduce alternative power systems that help to secure our domestic energy future.  There is also drive to develop technologies that optimise overall performance of vehicles and infrastructures, whilst ensuring safety is not compromised.

The UK has a strong transport industry base that has been at the heart of these developments for many years, particularly aerospace and automotive. Together with our partners in these and other industries, the Technology Strategy Board will develop a common understanding of how to best meet these challenges and ensure UK industries are at the forefront of achieving these goals.

Our transport programme:

At the Technology Strategy Board we are enabling and encouraging UK businesses, science and supply chains to benefit commercially from the emerging markets in transport. We promote innovation that meets the demands of future transport in the areas of energy management, carbon reduction, integration and mobility. This programme is driven by, and is in response to, UK Government policy, economic and sustainability requirements and industry needs and is structured into five key areas:

1.       Aerospace

2.       Road

3.       Marine

4.       Rail

5.       Integration of the transport system

The transport programme aims to support the emerging markets urged by a number of efficiency targets and the need to do “more with less” by 2013 to 2050. The programme will work with each of the specific sectors above to understand their needs and future plans.

For more information see our opportunity statement here.

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