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News Honours awarded to Brits for exceptional international achievement

Diplomatic Service and Overseas New Year 2013 Honours list recognises outstanding work for the UK.

The FCO today announces the honours awarded on the Diplomatic Service and Overseas New Year 2013 Honours list to British people doing outstanding work for the UK internationally.

The List has 99 awards to Brits or nationals of HM The Queen’s Realms in a range of fields such as for peace and security, stabilisation and development, education, science, British business and community/voluntary work plus exceptional contributions to London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Some candidates are:

Iain LOBBAN CB Director, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). For services to UK national security

Iain Lobban receives a KCMG. Iain joined GCHQ in 1983 and has been the Director since 2008. He has made an outstanding personal contribution to the security of Britain and her allies bringing recognition as a world-class cyber organisation. His leadership of GCHQ has been transformational, adapting the organisation to meet the challenges of the ‘cyber age’ and moving the organisation’s focus to be at the heart of the UK’s prosperity and national interest agenda. He has also actively promoted volunteering, outreach and charity work among his staff, raising over £100,000 for charity last year and furthering links with higher education.

Professor Raymond Allen DWEK Professor of Glycobiology, Oxford University. For services to UK/Israel scientific collaboration

Professor Dwek receives a CBE. One of the most distinguished biochemists in the UK, he has been a major force in furthering UK/Israel scientific collaboration for over a decade. A key element of his work is promoting peace through science. He has made significant medical advances, invested enormous time and effort in sharing the UK’s science excellence with the international community, all of which has brought many benefits for the UK and Oxford University.

Alison SHALABY Chief Executive Officer, Reunite. For services to the prevention and resolution of international parental child abduction

Alison Shalaby receives an OBE. A pioneer in the field of international parental child abduction, Alison is a leading global authority on the legal, social and emotional aspects on this issue and helps thousands of families around the world every year. She has been instrumental in the development of the charity Reunite since 1992, initially as a volunteer and now as CEO.

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