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Treaty command papers and explanatory memoranda

The responsibility for concluding treaties involving the UK lies with the Foreign Secretary.

The FCO publishes these treaties as Command Papers and Explanatory Memoranda (EM).

Command Papers – which include a variety of documents, not just treaties – are prepared by the Government and presented to Parliament.

The name Command stems from the presentation process: in the official language the documents are "presented to Parliament by command of Her/His Majesty". 

This segment of our website lists Treaty Command Papers published since January 1999 and, where relevant, the accompanying EM. Our UK Treaties Online database includes the full text of Treaty Series Command Papers up to and including 1997. You can view them:

  • in publication date order
  • alphabetically by subject

 Explanatory Memoranda are all in date order.

Treaty Command Papers by date

Browse through our treaty command papers by date.

Explanatory Memoranda

Browse through our explanatory memoranda which support our treaty command papers.

Treaty Command Papers by subject

Browse through our treaty command papers by subject.

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