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The Department for Work and Pensions wants to make sure that the widest possible range of people finds this website easy to use, or “accessible”. We are always looking at ways of improving the accessibility of our website.

Changing the size of the text on this website

To change the text size use the Text size options at the top of most pages.

You can also change the text size using your browser menu. In the View menu, select Text Size, Text Zoom or Zoom.

Changing the look of this website

Most browsers allow you to change the look of websites – for example by:

Help with PDF documents

Get Adobe Reader softwareYou can download Portable Document Format (PDF) documents using Adobe Reader– available free of charge.

PDF documents are usually marked with this icon.pdf

Assistive technology and PDF documents

Adobe Reader allows you to extract the text of an Adobe PDF document and save it as a text file. This feature is particularly useful when you want to read the document on a note-taker or emboss the file with a Braille printer.