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Statement on the death of William Rees-Mogg

December 29, 2012

The Prime Minister has issued a statement following the death of William Rees-Mogg.

Statement on PM's call with President Obama

December 19, 2012

Prime Minister David Cameron spoke to President Obama today. They discussed Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and the Middle East Peace Process

Prime Minister's statement on European Council

December 17, 2012

"Last week’s European Council discussed further economic and monetary integration for the Eurozone"

PM statement on EU trade deal with Singapore

December 16, 2012

EU Trade Commissioner and Singapore's Minister of Trade have completed final negotiations on a free trade agreement.

Statement on Connecticut shooting

December 14, 2012

PM "My thoughts are with the injured and those who have lost loved ones"

Transcript of Prime Minister's speech & Q&A at Airbus plant

Prime Minister spoke to workers at Airbus in Brougton, Wales

Prime Minister David Cameron statement on Patrick Finucane

December 12, 2012

Statement on Sir Desmond de Silva’s report into the nature and extent of state collusion in the murder of Patrick Finucane

David Cameron's message for Chanukah

December 8, 2012

I am delighted to wish the Jewish community in the UK and across the world a happy and peaceful Chanukah.

PM's St Andrew's Day message

November 30, 2012

PM: "Scots and Scotland have done so much to shape our modern world"

David Cameron statement in response to the Leveson Inquiry report

November 29, 2012

Prime Minister delivered the statement to the House of Commons on the day that Leveson report was published