Welcome to info4local, the one-stop information gateway for people working in local public services. You can use this portal to get quick and easy access to the information you need from central government departments, agencies and public bodies.

info4local is run by a group of seven government departments, led by the Department for Communities and Local Government. Nearly 60 government departments, agencies and public bodies contribute to the site.

info4local contains links to the latest government consultations, publications, related links and news links, covering 21 subjects. We do not manage or maintain the information we link to.

All content on info4local is organised by region, subject, department and information type. You can find all content listed by region and by subject in the left-hand navigation. You can also find pages of content on special events and topics there. Content is listed by information type on our home page and on each subject and region page. You can find specific information by using the quick search on the right-hand side of the page or the advanced search in the top navigation.

When you follow a link (other than a news link), you get an info4local summary. It gives you a snapshot of what the information is about and a link straight to the information on the website of the relevant contributing department, agency or public body. Some documents appear in PDF format. To read them, you will need a copy of the Adobe® Reader® (opens new window), which is free.

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