Governing Board meetings, 2009 archive

This page carries summaries of the main discussions of the Technology Strategy Board (Governing Board) in 2009.

Nineteenth Meeting, November 2009, Technology Strategy Board, Swindon Office. The Board: 

  • Resolved to review its large project process
  • Discussed the development of the SBRI programme
  • Discussed its approach to stimulating and supporting entrepreneurship
  • Eighteenth Meeting, September 2009, The Babraham Institute, Cambridgeshire. The Board:

    • Discussed its current investment portfolio and associated metrics
    • Agreed to develop a set of indicators that provided an understanding of the impact of its programmes
    • Agreed to review its overall strategy in the context of changing future markets
    • Agreed to seek ways to promote entrepreneurship within its innovation programmes
    • Discussed its strategic positioning and external relationships
    • Appointed Jonathan Kestenbaum to its Remuneration Sub-Committee to replace Peter Ringrose
    • Approved the launch of a new innovation platform in the area of sustainable agriculture and food.
    • Received presentations on the work of the Babraham Institute and Babraham Bioscience Technologies (BBT) Ltd

    Seventeenth meeting, July 2009, Oxford and Diamond Light Source.  The Board:

    • Met with representatives of the research councils to discuss arrangements for working together.
    • Met with a representative of the Regional Development Agencies to discuss arrangements for working together.
    • Received a presentation from the Chief Executive of Diamond Light Source on the work of the Synchrotron facility a took a guided tour of the machine and its beam lines and science programmes

    Sixteenth meeting, June 2009. Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London.  The Board:

    • Discussed the implications of the changes in Machinery of Government that resulted in the sponsor department changing to the new BIS;
    • Discussed the remaining steps required to launch an innovation platform in the area of sustainable agriculture and food.
    • Agreed to take forward the recommendations of the review of the Micro and Nanotechnology centres
    • Discussed the option of developing the concept of centres as a tool for supporting business sectors.

    Fifteenth meeting, April 2009. Brussels.  The Board visited Brussels to engage with the Commission and UK business community in Brussels.  In its meetings the Board:

    • Discussed the BERR New Industry, New Jobs paper and the Board's response in respect of the Strategic Investment Fund.
    • Discussed the key Technology Strategy Board activities in working with Brussels institutions, in particular the commissions' Framework programmes, the EIT and the Eureka Eurostars programme.
    • Hosted a seminar with invited guests from the Brussels international and EU Commission community to discuss the Technology Strategy Board priority areas and engage the Brussels community in debate.
    • Hosted a dinner with invited UK Brussels diplomatic community and other UK interests to discuss informally how the Technology Strategy Board can maximise benefits to UK business through engagement with Brussels institutions.
    • Held a series of meetings with officials from the Commission (DG Enterprise, DG Information Society and Media, DG Research), Eureka and the Executive Agency for Competitions and Innovation

    Fourteenth meeting, March 2009. Arup Offices, London.  The Board:

    • Received presentations from Arup, the host for this meeting
    • Discussed the optimisation of KTNs and received presentations from 2 KTN Chairs: Colin Drummond (Environmental KTN) and David Kynaston (Electronics KTN)
    • Noted progress with developing the SAMULET programme
    • Discussed the objectives and budgets in the draft 2009 Delivery Plan
    • Discussed plans for a meeting and event in Brussels in April to engage the Commission in the Board's objectives for UK Business innovation

    Thirteenth meeting, January 2009. Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London.  The Board:

    • Discussed the appropriate actions to take in developing the Board's programmes in the context of the economic downturn.
    • Agreed the main points of an action plan to be drafted and discussed with ministers

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