Working with business to tackle Digital challenges

The Technology Strategy Board has identified Digital as a core focus area for future programmes.

For us ’Digital’ is the complex interaction of people, processes and technology that creates the socio-economic benefits of digital technologies.

We already enjoy many of these benefits, but challenges remain which prevent effective exploitation and the formation of new high growth markets and business models.

Of particular relevance to us are challenges that if unresolved could block a whole market to a new digital product or service. Such challenges may be around, monetization, quality, resilience, trust, interoperability, security or inclusion.

Often such challenges are hard to be resolved due to misaligned incentives, conflicting interests, conservatism amongst incumbents, lack of - or outdated - regulations, lack of standards, incomplete or disjointed value chains and industry fragmentation.

The Digital programme’s mission is to help industry address and solve these challenges.

Our team builds on our 2009 Strategy for Digital Britain and the activities of the Network Security Innovation Platform, and has evolved to a broader remit and in October 2010 we published our "Digital Strategic Update".

Going forward we will focus our attention on digital challenges in the areas below

  • Moving towards a world of pervasive digital services
  • Building the case for investment in emerging digital infrastructure and platforms
  • Enabling new business models and opportunities in a world of connected objects
  • Increasing trust and resilience in a rapidly changing, connected world
  • Improving people’s lives and experiences in the digital world
  • Harnessing the economic value of information and content
  • Enabling and creating business opportunities in and across new digital value networks and communities

We have already worked with business on a number of initiatives and investments addressing the above challenges, including the £18m ‘Collaboration across digital industries’ competition, the £2m investment in ‘Network Services Demonstrators’, £4.5m in ‘Integrating smart meters into systems for smart homes’, and the £8m ‘Trusted Services’ competition and IC tomorrow, an online testbed environment. We are also developing a £5m initiative on the “Internet of Things”.

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