The Scottish GovernmentThe Scottish Government

The Scottish Government is responsible for business growth and innovation policy in Scotland, together with other key areas including health, education, justice, transport and rural affairs.

The economic strategy published by the Scottish Government in 2007 highlights the part science, technology and innovation can play in increasing competitiveness and improving Scotland's economic performance. The strategy identifies six key sectors that the Scottish Government will focus on and promote:

  • Creative Industries (including digital content and technologies)
  • Energy (with a particular focus on renewables)
  • Financial and Business Services
  • Food and Drink (including agriculture and fisheries)
  • Life Sciences (including biotechnology and translational medicine)
  • Tourism.

There is a clear fit between most of these priorities and our own, and the Technology Strategy Board is presently working with the Scottish Government to support innovation in these areas. For further information about the Scottish Government visit their website.

The Scottish Government sets out the broad economic and innovation policy, but the two organisations with primary responsibility for delivering this are Scotland’s two regional development agencies: Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise.

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